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Enrollment for the 2023 school year is now officially open! What are you waiting for? Enroll today!


Learn at your own pace


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Called To Equip

V1 College is a Biblical and Leadership Institution that exists to train and equip leaders for the Gospel around the world. 

Online Courses

We have a brand NEW online experience that consists of 3 programs. Learn at your own pace. No homework or exams!

Activate Spiritual Gifts

Learn to put into practice the gifts with impartation through Biblical learning and development. Gain spiritual depth as you go.

Unlock Experiences

Every student at V1 College will have NEW experiences that they will embark on throughout the school year. Visit our webpage for more.

mentorship programs available

At V1 College we believe that every student desires to become what they’re created for. Every advanced student who enrolls in our mentorship program will receive personal and spiritual development, accountability, increased awareness of your gifts, practical tools, and organizational support.

Mentorship at V1 College is not a substitute for personal counseling or replaces the model of spiritual authority. We supplement what has already been provided with an emphasis on Gospel-centered teaching and training through group settings.


Learn from some of our top leaders


Spiritual accountability


Grow with your group throughout the year


Redirection and Refocus on what matters

Our Courses

We have 2 courses to choose from!



The growth program will provide you with biblical literacy and leadership fundamentals lectures, global seminar access, the ability to unlock experiences and access to our V1 College community.




At the advanced level, you receive everything in the growth program plus our high-caliber advanced leadership lectures and the mentorship program. Check out our mentorship pages to learn more.



Enrollment at V1 College is simple! Just visit us at https://v1college.com/sign-up/ and choose which program you are interested in. Once your payment is received, you will get a follow-up email with more instructions and your login credentials before the start of the semester.

Once you are accepted into the program, you will need to fill out an admission application. This will help us to provide you with the best experience at V1 College.

The deadline to enroll in the upcoming academic year is August 25, 2023.


We have a student body that represents many different nations and parts of the world which brings a rich diversity to our college. You will get the opportunity to communicate with students from all over the globe during your time at V1 College.


Make new connections


Network with global students


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Become what you're created for!


Because we provide a hands on no frills approach to theology that is centered on Christ in the real world. Each course is leadership driven that stretches your calling into the next level!


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