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A Global Voice of the gospel to all nations

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Meet Our Lead Pastors

The vision for V1 Church was conceived during a Hurricane Sandy relief tour in New York. Years later, weekly gatherings in a home were expanded into a launch team. V1 launched three locations within its first three years to accommodate the number of disciples making disciples within our communities. 

Our lead pastors, Mike and Julie Signorelli, have a passion to impact our city and beyond with the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ. They honor the wisdom of those who have gone before us in the faith, while mobilizing the next generation to advance the Kingdom.

Meet Our Executive Pastors

Pastors Josh & Michelle Hamstra are leaders who lead with a heart for people and families. Josh Hamstra has been an executive leader and C-Suite operator for over 15 years. He thrives in building up people through teaching, mentorship and accountability. He has deep experience in building regional, national and global teams and systems at large companies, churches and nonprofit Boards. They have one son Logan and currently reside in Indiana.

Meet Our Campus Pastors

V1 Church is One house with many Rooms. Our 4 campuses include NYC, Indiana, Long Island and Global.

Pastor Edwin and Jocelyn are native New Yorkers who are passionate about helping people and their communities become what they were created for. As an author, blogger and speaker, they love being able to communicate Gods message of freedom across the city. They have two wonderful boys, Elijah and Ethan, are coffee enthusiasts and enjoy reading a good book. 

V1 NYC Campus Pastors

Edwin & Jocelyn Perez

Pastor Chase and Haley love people and love building the local church. You can find them always praying and pouring into the lives of many who they meet. 

V1 Indiana Campus Pastors

Chase & Hailey Fleeman

Pastor Patrick and Nathalee are passionate about building leaders and getting you into your God-given purpose. They own and operate a successful restaurant in Long Island and have helped others to grow their own businesses. 

V1 Long Island Campus Pastors

Patrick & Nathalee Francis

Meet Our Service Pastors

Our service pastors are specifically at a designated location to help facilitate the service through many different areas of ministry.

V1 Long Island

Evan Wilson

V1 Long Island

Dean & Sandra Anderson

V1 Long Island

Daniel & Exikha Santise

Our Staff

We have many different facets of ministry at V1 Church and we couldn’t have done it without the helping hands of our staff.

Director of Operations

Heather Wrigley

Marketing & Communications

Rebekah Hurtford


Aaron Kraniak

Full-Time Staff

Christine Papetti

Dream Team Leaders

We have so many dream team leaders that help to facilitate and serve our campuses and community in different areas at V1 Church. We want to acknowledge everyone who has become the hands and feet of Jesus.